+ + + Savings of 34.481.822 t CO2-eq in around 33 years of recycling with Der Grüne Punkt + + +

Your benefits by "Der Grüne Punkt"

When you sign a contract with us, you don't just get a license, you get a package of benefits from the system with the most experience!
The trademark "Der Grüne Punkt"

Der Grüne Punkt is a globally protected trademark of "Der Grüne Punkt" - Duales System Deutschland GmbH and stands for a functioning recycling economy, i.e. the consistent use of recyclable materials from waste. This means you can benefit from the appeal of a strong, international, consumer-recognised trademark like no other among the dual systems. Show your customers directly on your packaging that you fulfil the obligations of the Packaging Act and take responsibility for your packaging.

The online label

We have developed the "Der Grüne Punkt" online label exclusively for our customers. By participating in Der Grüne Punkt, manufacturers and online retailers receive the online label free of charge and can easily integrate it into their webshop or post it on social media channels. This is a strong signal to show their own customers that by participating in the dual system of "Der Grüne Punkt", they are fulfilling their obligation under the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) and want to take responsibility for the sales packaging they sell. The online label is available to customers of "Der Grüne Punkt" for use in their online portal. Thus manufacturers and online retailers show not only to their customers that they license with "Der Grüne Punkt", but also to the competitors – and this in a transparent and credible way.

We are there for you

Accessibility is what sets us apart. Benefit from our many years of experience and competence. So that you can turn to us around the clock: Your customer service team of "Der Grüne Punkt" is there for you, and you can reach us on all channels - by chat, by phone, by e-mail or via contact form on our website. Thus, we can keep waiting times as short as possible, even during peak periods, and provide quick answers to your questions.

The navigation service

With this free service you will be guided safely through the licensing year and will not miss any deadlines. We guide you from packaging licensing to registration with the Central Agency Packaging Register. You can also easily and conveniently complete the LUCID data reports in one go with your quantity report. The year-end closing is coming up and the forecast quantities for the next year still need to be entered or adjusted? No problem. You will be reminded in due time of all pending reports and automatically directed to the right place. Log in once and do it all in one go!

The packaging centre

With this simple connection to your merchandise management system, you can automatically transfer your sales quantities and have your packaging quantities calculated at any time. With one click, you can generate and transfer all the necessary reports from this tool.

The environmental certificate

Every year and on an individual basis, we confirm the participation of your packaging in the dual system with "Der Grüne Punkt". As a special additional service, we also offer our customers an environmental certificate showing their individual contribution to climate protection. For your reported quantities, the savings are scientifically calculated according to the impact categories primary energy, greenhouse effect, fossil resources, eutrophication and acidification and converted into an illustrative example. Advertise with this certificate, because recycling is global climate protection that becomes visible in this way.